No matter the sector or industry you operate in or the services or products you sell, online marketing holds the key to your success. The appropriate digital marketing strategy helps you reach the intended audience, boost brand awareness, and eventually grow your business.

However, online marketing trends in 2022 are shifting rapidly thanks to new and emergent technologies and evolving consumer preferences. In addition, customers’ attention spans are getting shorter because of the various digital stimuli they are exposed to every day. 

Therefore, it is imperative for brands to stay ahead of the trends to provide a seamless experience to their customers.

Here are some online marketing trends to prepare for in 2022.

Content Marketing

One of the significant trends that will continue to thrive in 2022 is content marketing.

If you want to outshine your specific niche, aligning your leadership, SEO and PR is essential. When you align these three critical areas, your company will enjoy boosted credibility, visibility, and authority. 

Content marketing has become an ultimate part of digital marketing and social networking. Creating content that provides value to the user generates various visits to your online channels. 

Ensure that it is clear and straightforward, making it easy for prospective customers to get their way through the massive information available on digital channels. The combination of unique storytelling and quality content marketing will help your business make the journey interesting for the customers.

Social Media Marketing

For one thing, the use of social media is increasing across the board. As per Sprout Social, 71% of individuals leverage social media platforms more than ever before.

Moreover, 57% of respondents said they use social media channels to know more about a brand’s services or products, while 47% leverage it to stay updated with industry and brands’ social media marketing trends.

Brands that meet and exceed their customers’ expectations on social media enjoy remarkably impressive rewards like significant spikes in engagement.

Naturally, customer expectations are always in an influx — particularly in this ever-evolving social media world. As a result, digital/social media marketing is a vital area to invest your time, money, and efforts in 2022.

Mobile Responsive

As more people use tablets and smartphones rather than desktops, brands need to pay attention to this robust trend in 2022: create mobile-responsive and friendly content to rank your brand on top pages on search engines.

When it comes to mobile marketing strategies, they can be as straightforward as optimizing your site’s design to make it adaptable for smaller screens automatically. Also, you can create a separate application with your organization’s information to be installed on tablets and mobile phones.

In 2022, it is essential to leverage a mobile-responsive design for your application or website to enable customers with multiple device types to access the available content effortlessly.

Also, AMP has accelerated mobile pages by making the content load faster on tablets and smartphones. The mobile-first marketing approach will be the most important trend for brands in 2022, so it is good to start now!

Video Marketing

Audio-visual content trends such as live streams and video advertisements have gained immense popularity in recent years and are here to stay. 93% of marketers believe video is a considerable part of their marketing approach, while 84% of the videos enable them to generate quality leads.

Video content continues to be popular when it comes to social media marketing. However, rather than long videos, this trend is shifting more towards concise content that the viewers will want to watch till the end. 

By 2022, video content online will account for 82% of all online traffic. As video footage online continues to gain popularity, you need to prepare appropriate tactics to incorporate these into your brand’s marketing mix as a digital marketer.


Paid Search Marketing

It’s no surprise that marketers are encouraging the use of paid search marketing heading into 2022.

Today, customer search behaviors are changing rapidly. This necessitates planning your search strategy around your intended audience’s expectations.

GWI reports that over 4 in 5 online users visit ‘traditional text-based search engines every week. Semrush found that Google ( is the leading and most visited web domain for tens of billions of users every month.

As a result, it is imperative to invest in search-friendly paid marketing, and web content on platforms such as Google should be a central pillar of your search approach.


The search engine algorithm of Google keeps changing every year. And keeping up with the latest changes in the algorithm and SEO trends is paramount. Else, your brand’s search engine rankings can drop.

The higher you rank in search engine results, the more it will improve your brand recognition and awareness. You can generate more leads, site traffic and drive sales via SEO, too. Since search engine optimization is a cost-effective strategy, it can also improve your company’s bottom line.

Furthermore, higher rankings also position your brand ahead of competitors, improving your credibility. Therefore, in 2022, SEO is of utmost importance to ensure total success and good performance. 

More than a requirement, SEO is a priority. It enables you to optimize your website’s visibility in search engines, making it easier for potential audiences and customers to find your brand on the web. 

Multi-Channel Marketing

Connecting and interacting with customers means leveraging multiple channels of communication/engagement. The days of merely relying on cold calling and websites are over! It isn’t adequate for businesses to concentrate on a single channel. Instead, it is vital to have an integrated approach that allows you to generate content for every platform while maintaining their brand image and voice.

Multi-channel marketing involves creating a website, social media, blog, and a WhatsApp group in addition to hosting events/webinars or attending conferences.

In 2022, this will become a crucial trend, and as a business, you need to create a solid customer base by leveraging as many channels of communication and marketing as possible!

Social Commerce

Instagram and Facebook have become great venues for shoppers to discover and purchase products quickly, known as social commerce. For instance, Shopify made the checkout process easier for Instagram and Facebook.

While social commerce will be becoming a more common trend over time, it works effectively for impulse buying in categories like fashion, home décor, and beauty.

Some latest shifts in digital platforms have enabled brands to leverage their profiles as an effective sales channel. Particularly after the sales catalogs on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, the movement has intensified.

Today, various customers shop via social media platforms. To enable sales and generate revenue via social channels, you need to formulate effective social media strategies and ensure that your marketing approach incorporates and considers social media marketing.

When customers get a more convenient and flexible buying experience, they are more likely to purchase. Therefore, it is essential to develop more available posts for easy buying as a marketer. And this social commerce will soon be becoming one of the leading online marketing trends in 2022.

Wrapping Up

The bottom line is that your brand can implement various online marketing trends in 2022 to ensure its success in the upcoming year. By comprehending what modern customers want and available technology to accomplish it, you will be at the forefront of advanced digital marketing.

However, make sure you don’t adopt every new tactic/trend blindly that comes along. Instead, examine each movement with your current marketing approach to determine the optimal fit according to your organizational goals.

Partnering with a competent digital marketing agency like Noah Digital can help you determine the best trends for your company. The experts at Noah Digital are happy to help your company with a proper online marketing strategy, allowing you to reach your goals in the upcoming year efficiently.