With the new year around the corner, many businesses are revisiting their digital marketing strategies as new and exciting marketing innovations come into the spotlight.

Of course, COVID-19 has substantially impacted marketing budgets, reducing them to a record of 6.4% of the business’s revenue (2021), from 11% in the past year, as per Gartner’s Annual CMO Spend Survey. 

But regardless of the business size, advertisers continue to look for cost-effective options. The good news is that digital advertisements surpassed conventional advertising over the last year to become a vital marketing channel, a phenomenon reflected in the budgeting requirements. 

The fact is that ad clickers are more likely (50%) to purchase than organic visitors. That is why marketers need to stay updated on the key paid search trends for 2022 and keep their brand front and center of audiences that truly matter. 

Here are some of the newest paid search trends in 2022 to look out for and possibly implement:


Artificial Intelligence has a powerful economic impact that will surely change the nature of PPC campaigns in the upcoming years. Experts anticipate that by 2030, AI will assist the economy to reach a massive 15.7 trillion dollars, also enhancing the effectiveness of Pay Per Click campaigns in some of these ways:

  • Help optimize ads and keywords after a particular event, like your cost-per-click (CPC) falling below a specific amount
  • Anticipate the click-through-rate (CTR) for future advertisements, thereby enhancing PPC 
  • Analyze the bids potentially to get maximum traffic
  • Determine the quality scores for ad performances 

This trend is already shaping up as you can improve your Amazon ads campaign with AI technology. Also, it can help you optimize your ad promotions for long-tail keywords, automate bids, and provide diagnostic data for related and active keywords.

In 2022, minor task automation with machine learning and AI will help you stay at the top of your game and ultimately competitive. 


Marketing automation is fast becoming a reality for PPC marketers, making it a crucial phenomenon in the coming years. 

This is because the automation industry across the globe continues to develop rapidly. As a result, the process automation market size has already augmented to 83.2% and will continue to increase.

PPC automation isn’t exactly new, but it is all set to become more widespread in 2022 as more businesses search for tools that can take care of online ads for them. This is apparent in its application and implementation in ad testing.

The chances are that this tech will also help recognize and remove losing ads and establish the best advertisements using statistics while determining the best CTA (call to action).

Audience Targeting & Segmentation

Google ads are an avenue to effectively segment and target your audiences, making them one of the principal paid search trends in 2022.

So consider including the targeted audiences group. With audience targeting and segmentation, you can effectively narrow down who you want your ads to reach. Leveraging this feature allows you to get the most out of your PPC advertising budget.

You will also target a particular audience group based on their age group, household income, and more. So, you need to identify all the aspects depending on the specific products or services you are targeting for.

Furthermore, you also get an option to set advertisement preferences to exclude specific audience groups that might not be interested in your products or services.

Conversion Tracking

Whether you look for optimizations to revive your current strategy or search for entirely new methods to connect with your customer base, it is imperative to measure your core initiatives and current goals as it’s a baseline for your Pay Per Click strategy. 

Generally, advertisers track various conversion actions on every account. For instance, the PPC conversion goals could include:

  • Fill contact forms
  • Transactions
  • Request demo
  • Chat conversions
  • Phone calls (first time/repeat)
  • Local actions (directions)
  • Selected goals
  • Offline conversions (matched with an advertisement click)

Check if you are assessing everything you can use to measure and gauge the value your brand associates with each of your conversion goals. To ensure effective and successful campaigns, conversion tracking is a significant trend to follow in 2022.

Rise Of Video

Videos have been getting stronger the past few years, and now they are making considerable leeway into paid ads as well. So, video ads are a significant and critical paid search trend you will want to watch in 2022 since 90% of individuals consider videos vital to their purchase decisions. 

Also, video advertising accounts for a considerable portion of social media ads. Measure the impact of video ads on your consumers to figure out why they should be a part of your PPC strategy in 2022. One in three people watches videos on different social media platforms from different brands, making this a crucial PPC trend to follow in 2022 to include in your social media ad campaigns.

First-Party Data

With the recent crack-down on cookies, it is critical for advertisers to rely on first-party data.

This has made first-party data valuable for marketers, which is why businesses should start investing in it.

You can collect first-party data from multiple places, whether business cards are exchanged at a trade show or sign-ups via email on your website. Also, you can leverage various tools to help your company qualify and nurture traffic to your site.

Either way, first-party data will be at the forefront when it comes to paid search trends for 2022.

Local Targeting

Localization can’t be ignored anymore, especially amidst the COVID-19 outbreak that nudged people to move from overcrowded large cities to the quiet life. Thankfully, you can serve them with ads targeted to their location, making it easy to find local clients and get them to buy from you. 

In terms of marketing/advertising, you will have to adapt the communication strategies and tactics according to the intended audience and their new locations for assimilating the changes accordingly. 

Also, an appropriate pricing plan and fresh placement propel two-thirds of the customers to opt for neighborhood stores. So formulating a highly localized paid search campaign becomes critical. 

Social Ads

PPC advertising has gone social in a big way. Paid media experts and ad buyers spend on Instagram and Facebook advertising – and have various new platforms and channels for remarketing and displaying ads. 

As a marketer, you can stop fretting (at least for now). It’s one of the most significant advantages of paid social ads over display ads.

For instance, if you want to nurture your B2C or B2B customers without disrupting the user experience, go for LinkedIn and Twitter and use Sponsored Posts/Tweets with call-to-action (CTA) buttons. 

LinkedIn offers great corporate networking and branding allows you to run classic advertisements, but it can also nurture the audiences with downloadable and valuable content.

Shopping Ads

Google shopping ads will be a game-changer for brands in the year 2022. 

With shopping ads, your brand gets greater brand visibility with increased impressions. In addition, when you list your products directly in the search results (with product ratings, branding, and images), more visitors view your products.

The platform also offers robust reporting, analytics, and competitive insights with campaign management tools that allow you to measure their return on investment, fine-tune effective campaigns, and remove unrelated audiences.

Given the exponential digital marketing curve, it’s no wonder that the shopping ads trend will thrive in the coming year 2022.

Wrapping Up

If you want to stay connected to your audience, you need to update your marketing tactics.

Make sure you are updated on the latest technologies and implement top-notch practices for 2022.

Collaborating with a professional digital marketing agency can help you drive more conversions by optimizing your site to perform effectively at PPC campaigns. Our certified, dedicated marketing team has extensive experience streamlining marketing campaigns for a greater return on investment. 

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