2021 was a momentous year for search as Google made significant changes to its algorithm with the introduction of MUM, which is a thousand times more potent than the previous updates. This is the way Google processes content and understands your website. 

As Google comes up with better ways to rank your content in 2022, ecommerce SEO remains just as important in the next year. 

As the new year approaches, it’s time for digital marketers to discover eCommerce SEO trends for 2022 to promote businesses organically. So let’s explore these in further detail.

Mobile-First Approach Will Continue To Dominate

There are more mobile users now than ever before. In the past decade, the number of mobile internet users has grown by 504%. To complement this, Google moved to mobile-first indexing in July 2019. As mobile traffic takes over desktop traffic, not having a mobile-friendly version of your website can lose many customers.


Google is now considering an eCommerce website’s mobile functionality, load speeds, and navigation as a ranking factor. Therefore, if you hope to achieve the top 5 positions and capture your potential audience, your online store needs to have a mobile version.

Improved UX For Happy Visitors & Customers

Improving the bounce rate has always been an important factor. The longer a person stays on your website, the better your ranking. To improve your bounce rate, you will need to improve your website’s user experience. The user experience refers to:

  • The speed of your page or how long it takes for your webpage to load. Slow loading speeds can cause your visitors to leave immediately, damaging your bounce rate, and in turn, your SERP ranking
  • Improving the user experience design can play a massive part in improving your ranking. In addition, the easier the navigation and aesthetically appealing your site’s design, the longer your customer will stay
  • Content is a significant factor in improving your page SEO for eCommerce sites. This content can be in photos, videos, infographics, and text. These all boost keywords and improve SERP ranking for your page

Studies indicate that 88% of online shoppers will not return to a website if they have had a bad user experience. Bad UX means that not only will you lack in ranking, but you also stand the risk of losing customers altogether.

Web Security Takes Prominence

Security is becoming a growing concern in this day and age. Google, along with other search engines, want to give their users a secure browsing experience. To keep your website protected, you need to have a secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol for your web address.

A site that does not have HTTPS can send alarm bells to visitors and make them feel unsafe on your website. This can cause your user to leave the site and, in turn, negatively affect the bounce rate. In addition, if your site is not secure, Google will keep it as far away from the top search results as possible.

Furthermore, it gets even more dangerous for eCommerce websites. According to a study, 32.4% of all successful cyber threats are in the eCommerce industry. Without the proper web security, you will lose ranking and be a victim of malicious activities. This can result in lost customers and put your entire website at risk of hacking.

Aim For The Featured Snippet In 2022

Currently, 19% of all SERPs have a featured snippet. The featured snippet is the final frontier that any website would want to achieve on Google. Google adds a snippet above the #1 ranked result on its search page. This is when Google chooses your web page’s content as the best answer to a question. So getting your eCommerce page to have its snippet optimized with relevant keywords can give your click-through rate a massive jump.


The best practice to get your very own featured snippet is to answer the consumers’ questions clearly through your web content. Google will recognize this and put you right on the top. This is why it is vital to have content on your eCommerce website. For example, creating a blog for your online clothing store to answer consumer questions can be a great way to drive up the ranking.

Optimize Your Keywords for Voice Search

With technology advancing, people have started taking the help of their voice assistant to search the internet. According to Tech Jury, almost 1 billion voice searches occur every month. To capitalize on this, eCommerce websites need to reevaluate their long-tail keywords and question phrases to get the best result. A quick example for this can be a person searching on google “online store shirts” while on the other hand they could use voice search and say, “where can I find t-shirts online?” Google will show different results for the two phrases.

If you want your website to be on all kinds of search results, you need to improve your keywords to adapt to voice search.


How Can We Help?

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