Case Studies

Brand new website received 444 leads in less than 6 months!
69 quality leads & almost 40 phone calls in 3 months!
After the new website launched organic leads increased by 269% and Google Ads leads increased by 583% in 3 months!
248 phone calls & organic traffic increased by 358% in the first 3 months!
Organic traffic increased by 23% YOY, more quality leads with 35% lower ad spend!
160 online orders & 177 phone calls in the first 3 months!
Brand new website received 30+ leads in the first month!
Sales tripled in 18 months & the organic traffic increased by 97.89% in 12 months!
Brand new website received 300+ leads in less than 3 months!
Ad spend went down 36% and revenue increased 105%!
The cost per lead went from $160 to $65!
SEO and PPC Generated 15-20 quality B2B leads per month.
A logistics company from Ontario had more business than they could handle after running paid search campaigns for 8 months.
More than 195 quality leads in a little over two months.
Online sales doubled in less than 2 months!
From 3 leads a month to over 70 leads a month!
Cost per lead was $87.27!
From 0 calls to over 60 calls in just 1 month!
Increases in conversion rates by 133%, clicks by 101%, and a boost in click-through rate by 75%!
13.35% Conversion Rate and Less than $10 per VIP Registration.
SEO traffic increased by 675% and leads from organic search increased by 450% in 6 months.
Holiday promotions are a powerful way to increase traffic and boost your sales.
15 phone calls & 11 bookings in the first month from Google Ads & SEO!